Marina’s emotional Piano


Marina Lebenson is an extraordinary concert pianist and interpreter of a wide variety of music.  Having completed with honors her classical music studies in Moscow, she soon embarked on a career as an accomplished, internationally acclaimed concert pianist.


She is the recipient of many musical awards in competitions in Russia, Israel and Great Britain, achieving high levels of recognition in many countries.  In recent years she has become more focused on solo performances.


Due to her unique ability, she is now in great demand as a star performer on many stages and venues. Her virtuosity and superb technical skills, combined with her passion and poignant performances, always keep her audiences spellbound.


‚ÄúEveryone in the audience was captivated by her spectacular interpretations, the sensitive, melodious presentation of the musical pieces, as well as by her effortless skill, and most of all by the high technical level of her performance‚Ķ‚ÄĚ