Pianist | Arranger | Composer

“It seems as though her long, supple fingers barely touch the piano keys…her playing – deep, calm and clear — evokes the experience of listening to an orchestra rather than to a piano….” (Kommersant Magazine, Moscow).“


Russian-born pianist Marina Lebenson has the extraordinary improvisational ability to present familiar tunes in their traditional versions as well as in very interesting and original variations.  Her arrangements are very creative, original and unique.


“Everything that one listens to seems, in a magical way, entirely new…”

“Marina´s musical world of piano-playing has so many facets; it is a rare combination of virtuosity of the highest kind, together with well-crafted compositions of her own, all in one person….’’


As light discreet background music or as concert performances, her interpretations lend themselves to a wide variety of musical events.